Official website of the Château du Plessis-Fortia in the Vendôme area

Former fief owned by the Chateau of Vendôme, the Chateau du Plessis-Fortia is a very handsome typical architectural ensemble of the early 17th century, nestling in a verdant setting: forty hectares of woods, meadows, park and French formal garden. The estate is fenced and has a small herd of deer.

In Louis XIII style, built in stone and brick, with a slate roof and surrounded by a drained moat, the main construction began in 1605 on land acquired by Bernard II de Fortia in 1599.

The chateau known as the ’Great Chateau’ whose construction was completed in 1638, consists of a main building with two storeys flanked by two raised pavilions projecting slightly on the facades. Two smaller free-standing pavilions are located on either side of the stone bridge crossing the moat to give access to the main courtyard.

In the second part of the 18th century, the ’Great Chateau’ was extended by a residential building called the ’Little Chateau’. This building is an interesting and original outbuilding. It was supplemented by a long, perpendicular collective building, partly containing furnished apartments, and partly stables for riding horses.

The ’Grand Chateau’ and ’Little Chateau’ were fully refurbished between 2010 and 2013.

From the RN10 road, the stone and wrought iron gateway allows visitors to see the chateau at the end of an avenue (500m) lined with plane trees, behind which the forest (predominantly oak) has naturally invaded the open space. This view is impressive.

A large French formal garden, either side of a lake 80 m. long, adjoins two clumps of old lime trees.

In front of the chateau, the park consists of a huge lawn surrounded by trees. Between the collective building and the main courtyard stand two cedars of Lebanon. French formal garden, roofs of large and small chateaux, main courtyard and main driveway are listed historic monuments. The interior of the chateau is not listed. The decoration of the great hall, in Louis XVI style, is intact yet recently restored.

A barn and a large farmhouse should soon be converted into a reception room and suites to accommodate friends.

Located in the municipalities of Huisseau en Beauce and partly Saint-Amand, the chateau is 9 km from Vendôme (high speed train to Paris in 45 minutes), 23 km from Blois and 32 km from Tours. It is the private property of the family which restored it in three years of intensive works, and is not open to the public.